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Course Provider Biographies prides itself on partnering with PDH and CEU subject matter experts based on their educational background and field of expertise. Our Course Providers are selected based on one of the following criteria:

  • Must be Licensed Professional Engineers; or
  • Must hold a Doctorate Degree in Engineering from an accredited university.

The credentials of Course Providers are complemented by the extensive years of experience directly related to the subject matter they offer; consequently, distinguishing them as highly qualified subject matter experts.

Feel free to browse our elite team of Course Providers below. If you have any question related to a specific Course Provider, please contact us at


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Manuel Gooding, P.E.

Mr. Manuel Gooding is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
He is an Electrical Engineer. He obtained his bachelor degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark College of Engineering) in Newark, NJ, in 1966.
He has worked in industry, utilities, and consulting companies in many engineering positions. Companies include:
•       La Electricidad de Caracas as Transmission Line Construction Manager
•       CADAFE as Control and Instrumentation Supervisor in the generation department
•       Westinghouse Nuclear, as Senior Engineer in Equipment qualification
•       Michelin Tire as Construction Supervisor
•       Cerro Metal Products as Plant Electrical Engineer
Consulting companies include:
•       Sargent and Lundy - Instrumentation and Controls Engineer
•       Hatch Associates -Senior Electrical Engineer - Lead for several projects including a cogeneration project
Mr. Gooding has founded two Companies: International Technical, a Technical Training Company and Gooding Engineering a Consulting and Forensic Company.
He has trained technical personnel, both in the Americas and in Europe, and written many training courses for various companies, here and abroad.
He has professional Engineering licenses in various states including Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. He now resides in Virginia.
Courses provided to by Mr. Gooding are as follows:

Marc Karell, P.E., CEM

Mr. Marc Karell is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Mr. Karell is the Principal of the engineering firm Climate Change & Environmental Services, LLC. Marc has over 25 years of experience in all areas of environmental engineering, energy and sustainability. His experience encompasses environmental compliance, including permitting, design, emissions inventory, audits, and strategizing methods to comply with regulations.
Mr. Karell has performed many successful energy audits and managed energy projects for diverse facilities, helping entities become more "green" while maximizing their direct financial benefits. Prior to establishing his own firm, Marc worked for the USEPA and worked for two large engineering firms on technical, financial, and strategic environmental and sustainability projects for a number of industrial firms throughout the U.S.
Mr. Karell has Masters degrees in both biochemistry and in chemical engineering, has worked in industry, government, and consulting, and has published extensively in major technical publications. Marc has a professional engineer's (P.E.) license from the State of New York. He is also a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).
Courses provided to by Mr. Karell are as follows:

Mark Rossow, P.E., Retired

Dr. Mark Rossow is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Dr. Rossow is a graduate of the University of Michigan with B.S., M.S., and PhD degrees.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois.
Dr. Rossow taught civil engineering for over 35 years, including 6 years at Washington University in St. Louis and 29 years at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where he was the Chair of the Civil Engineering Department for ten years. His areas of expertise are in civil engineering and mechanics.  He has consulted for various organizations, including government agencies and an international offshore drilling company. He has published many journal articles and technical reports.
Courses provided to by Dr. Rossow are as follows:

Michael Nilsson, P.E.

Mr. Michael Nilsson is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Mr. Nilsson graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Washington State University in 1995 and started work as a consulting engineer while completing his Masters of Science degree, also from WSU.  He is a licensed professional engineer in Washington, Oregon and Idaho and started Nilsson Engineering, PLLC in 2008 utilizing his experience in overseeing projects through various stages of development, from concept/design through construction and final acceptance by the overriding agencies.
Mr. Nilsson's experience includes conducting engineering analysis and design of grading, erosion and sediment control plans, streets, stormwater, sewer, water, and septic systems; preparation of reports and plans; providing recommendations or consolation to clients; contractor/subcontractor coordination; and interaction with various agencies.
Courses provided to by Mr. Nilsson are as follows: