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Course Provider Biographies prides itself on partnering with PDH and CEU subject matter experts based on their educational background and field of expertise. Our Course Providers are selected based on one of the following criteria:

  • Must be Licensed Professional Engineers; or
  • Must hold a Doctorate Degree in Engineering from an accredited university.

The credentials of Course Providers are complemented by the extensive years of experience directly related to the subject matter they offer; consequently, distinguishing them as highly qualified subject matter experts.

Feel free to browse our elite team of Course Providers below. If you have any question related to a specific Course Provider, please contact us at


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A. Bhatia

Mr. A. Bhatia is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Mr. Bhatia is a graduate engineer with over 20 years of extensive experience in electro-mechanical engineering, procurement and construction industry. He has been involved in setting up grass root projects from zero to commissioning, interfacing with architects, machinery suppliers, vendors for projects nationally and globally. He received 4-years bachelors' degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited Delhi university in India.
Mr. Bhatia specializes in conceptual design, optimization studies, energy efficient and environmentally responsible system designs for Infrastructure facilities, Green Buildings, Oil & Gas facilities, Power Plants and Metal & Mining. His core strengths are in the following areas:
- HVAC, Loss Prevention and Plumbing
- Energy and Environmental Conservation
- Utility Systems (compressed air, water treatment, cooling, power generation, boiler systems, plumbing, etc.)
- Mechanical Equipment (chillers, fans, pumps, conveyors, EOT cranes, DG sets, welding, machining, heat transfer, etc.)
- Electrical and Control Systems (motors, power factor, short circuiting, transformers, AC/DC circuits, etc.)
In his current role, Mr. Bhatia provides consulting services to a number of facilities such as airports, commercial buildings, chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical facilities, power generation, oil & gas, manufacturing, consumer products. Prior to this, he has worked with United Nations led program on energy conservation and clean development mechanism (CDM) jointly with renowned international experts specialized in their sectors. He has vast international experience on various global projects all over the world in US, UK, Australia, Canada and Middle East.
Mr. Bhatia has presented technical papers and has drafted nearly 70-energy audit and management reports. He has also published more than 100 technical courses for professional development hours.
Courses provided to by Mr. Bhatia are as follows:

Ahmed Mousa

Mr. Ahmed Mousa is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.

Mr. Mousa is the CEO/founder of the Electric Bridge Consulting and 100% Energy Club. He is a consultant, Utility of the Future manager, electrical engineer, adjunct professor, author of four (4) books and PE courses,  coach & speaker with over 16 years of field, planning, design, operations, project management, training, Distributed Energy Resources' (DERs) grid impact, energy efficiency, Demand Side Management/Demand Response (DSM/DR), electric vehicles' (EVs) impact, Voltage VAR Optimization/conservation (VVO/VVC), AMI, transmission & distribution (T&D) load relief/load forecast, emergency response, best practice/benchmarking, smart grid, risk management, IT/OT, climate change mitigation studies, microgrids, DMS/ADMS/DERMS & non-wire alternatives/non-pipe solutions (NWA/NPS) experience in generation, transmission, substations and distribution systems at Con Edison, PSE&G, PEPCO (Henkels & Mc.Coy), and First Energy (JCP&L).

Mr. Mousa serves on the following boards:

•       Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) Research Advisory Council
•       New Jersey Association of Energy Engineers (NJAEE)    
•       Rutgers University Cyber Security                          
•       Pace University Cyber Security              
•       NJIT Industry Advisory board member.          

Mr. Mousa manages the:

•       New Jersey Integrated Distribution Plan (Energy Master Plan).
•       Technical advisor/lead:
•       Clean Energy Future
•       New Jersey Energy Masterplan
•       New Jersey Governor 50/100% renewable mandates by 2030/2050, respectively.
•       New Jersey Governor 600/2,000 MW energy storage mandates by 2021/2030, respectively.
•       New Jersey Governor 3,500/7,500 MW wind mandate by 2030/2035, respectively.
•       Intelligent touchless Substation
•       Microgrids
•       Energy storage
•       NWA/NPS
•       EVs, vehicle 2 grid/home (V2G/V2H), electric buses, residential chargers/DC chargers, e-buses
•       VVO/VVC - Machine Learning
•       Smart home
•       Net zero/near-net zero buildings
•       Asset Lifecycle

Mr. Mousa is the technical lead/adviser for: energy storage/Solar/VVO/DMS/ADMS/Smart Grid/DERs/Microgrid/EVs/Clean Energy Future/AMI/SGIP/SEPA/Georgia Tech NEETRAC.

Mr. Mousa was Con Edison's substation planning manager responsible for the 5/10/20/30 year sub-transmission and distribution load relief plan. He worked at the Energy Control Center. He was the project manager for a SCADA EMS project & President Obama's D.O.E's stimulus grant. He is the recipient of the "ALVA Award for 21st Century Leader" & other awards.

Courses provided to by Mr. Mousa are as follows:

Aleksandr Treyger, P.E.

Mr. Alesksadr Treyger is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Mr. Treyger is a talented, detail-oriented Professional Mechanical Engineer (BS and MS), as well as a Manufacturing and Industrial Engineer with strong educational background in mechanical design, castings, FEA, fluid dynamics and materials supported by field research and professional work experience.  He is a customer-focused, creative, deadline-driven and multi-task-oriented Professional Engineer (licensed in NY and CT since 2007), as well as a Certified Solidworks Professional with background in power plants, foundry, and bio-equipment. Mr. Treyger is also member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
Courses provided to by Mr. Treyger are as follows:

Allen Hughes, P.E.

Mr. Allen Hughes is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Mr. Hughes received a BS and MS in civil engineering from the University of Tennessee and is a licensed Professional Engineer in NC and VA. He is also licensed as a Certified BMP inspector in North Carolina.
Mr. Hughes began his engineering career in 1992 at a soil and materials testing firm. In 1997, he established his own firm Piedmont Geotechnical, Inc., PA. In 2006, he established D. Allen Hughes Engineering, Inc., both of which he has managed since their beginnings. Since then he has gained significant experience in the geotechnical investigation, analysis, design, and testing of subsurface conditions and construction materials including soils, concrete, and wood.
Courses provided to by Mr. Hughes are as follows:

Andre LeBleu, P.E.

Mr. Andre LeBleu is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Mr. LeBleu P.E. is a consulting electrical engineer with over 24 years of experience. Primary area of concentration is industrial site power systems (Oil refineries and chemical process plants). He has been involved in every technical, and management aspect of power systems for these type facilities.
Mr. LeBleu holds a Bachelor's degree form the University of Louisiana and he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Arkansas, Florida and Louisiana.
Courses provided to by Mr. LeBleu are as follows: