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Ohio Timed and Monitored

The Ohio Board of Engineers and Surveyors mandates that Ohio Professional Engineers earn a total of 30 PDH’s every renewal cycle to satisfy their continuing education requirements. Of the 30 PDH’s, a minimum of 24 PDH’s must be earned through the Timed and Monitored process by taking online or distance learning courses. A maximum of 6 PDH’s may be earned through correspondence courses.

Accordingly, CED has tailored the following continuing education programs to accommodate the Ohio Board’s Timed and Monitored requirements:

To ensure that you undergo the Timed and Monitored process using one of our continuing education programs, please do one of the following:

  • If you are a first time User, make sure that you select "Ohio” as your licensure state when creating your registration profile.
  • If you are an existing User, log in to your account to check your registration profile to ensure that you have selected "Ohio” as your licensure state. If it’s not selected, please do so prior to making any purchase.