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"I like the breadth of your HVAC courses; not just green or energy savings




Russell Bailey, P.E.

New York

"It reinforced my current knowledge and taught me a few new things in addition

to exposing me to new sources

of information."


Stephen Deduck, P.E.

New Jersey

"The material was very informative and organized. I learned a lot and they were

very quick to respond to questions.

It was top notch. Will use

again. Thanks."

Blair Hayward, P.E.

Alberta, Canada

"Easy to use website. Well organized. I will indeed be using your services again.

I will pass along your company

name to others at work."


Roy Pfleiderer, P.E.

New York

"The reference material was excellent, and the course was very illuminating especially since I thought I was already familiar

with the details of the Kansas

City Hyatt accident."

Michael Morgan, P.E.


"I really like your business model. I like being able to view the text before purchasing. I found the class

informative and useful

in my job."

William Senkevich, P.E.


"You have a great selection of courses and the articles are very informative. You

are the best I've found."



Russell Smith, P.E.


"I believe that the approach makes it easy for a working engineer to earn PDH by allowing the time to review

the material."


Jesus Sierra, P.E.


"Thanks for allowing me to view the incorrect answers. In reality, a

person learns more

from failures."


John Scondras, P.E.


"The course was well put together and the use of case studies is an effective

way of teaching."



Jack Lundberg, P.E.


"I am very impressed with the way you present the courses; i.e., allowing the

student to review the course

material before paying and

receiving the quiz."

Arvin Swanger, P.E.


"Thanks for offering all these great courses. I certainly learned and

enjoyed a lot."



Mehdi Rahimi, P.E.

New York

"I am very pleased with the course offerings, the quality of material content, and the ease of locating and

taking your on-line


William Valerioti, P.E.


"This material largely met my expectations. The course was easy to follow. The photos mostly provided a good visual of

the topics being discussed."


Michael Ryan, P.E.


"Exactly what I was looking for. Needed 1 credit in Ethics and found it here."




Gerald Notte, P.E.

New Jersey

"This was my first online experience in obtaining my required PDH credits. It was

informative, beneficial and economical.

I would highly recommend it

to all engineers."

James Shurell, P.E.


"I appreciate the questions are "real world" and are relevant to my practice, and are

not based on some obscure section

of the laws that don’t apply

to "normal" practice."

Mark Kanonik, P.E.

New York

"Great experience! I learned a lot to take back to my medical device




Ivan Harlan, P.E.


"Course material had good content, not too mathematical, good emphasis on practical applications of technology."



Eugene Boyle, P.E.


"This was a very pleasant experience. The topic was interesting and well presented,

and the online format was very

accessible and easy to

use. Many thanks."

Patricia Adams, P.E.


"Excellent way to achieve compliance with PE Continuing Education within the licensee’s time constraints."



Joseph Frissora, P.E.

New Jersey

"I must admit, I actually learned a lot. It helps to have the printed quiz during

the review of the text material. I

also appreciated viewing the

actual cases provided."

Jacquelyn Brooks, P.E.


"The document Common ADA Errors in Facilities Design is very useful. The

test did require research in the

document but answers were

readily available."

Harold Cutler, P.E.


"This was an efficient use of my time. Thank you for having a variety of selections

in traffic engineering, which I need

to fulfill the requirements of

PTOE certification."

Joseph Gilroy, P.E.


"A very convenient and affordable way to earn CEU''s for my Delaware PG requirements."



Richard Rhoads, P.E.


"Learned a lot with Protective Grounding. So far all courses I took were great.

Hope to see more 40%

discounted courses."


Christina Nickolas, P.E.

New York

"Just completed the Radiological Standards exam and look forward to taking additional

courses. The process is easy, and

much more efficient than

having to travel."

Dennis Meier, P.E.


"The services provided by CEDengineering are very helpful for Professional

Engineers to gain PDH units

anytime. Very convenient."


Paul Abella, P.E.


"So far it has been great! With being a full time mother of two I don’t have much

time to be researching where to

attain my credits from."


Kristen Farrell, P.E.


"It was very informative and educational. Easy to understand with illustrations

and graphs; definitely makes it

easier to absorb all the


Victor Ocampo, P.Eng.

Alberta, Canada

"A good review of semiconductor principles. I enjoyed going through the course at

my own pace during my morning

subway commute

to work."

Clifford Greenblatt, P.E.


"Simple to locate interesting courses, download documents and take the

quiz. I would highly recommend

you to any PE needing

CE units."

 Mark Hardcastle, P.E. 


"Very good selection of topics in numerous fields of engineering."




Randall Dreiling, P.E.


"I have re-learned things I have forgotten. I am also happy to benefit financially

by your promo email which

reduced the price

by 40%."

Conrado Casem, P.E.


"Excellent course at a reasonable price. I will use your service in the future."




Charles Fleischer, P.E.

New York

"This was a good test and did in fact test that I had read the professional ethics

codes and New Mexico



Brun Hilbert, P.E.


"I enjoyed the classes very much. They were worth the time & effort."




David Reynolds, P.E.


"Very satisfied with the quality of the test documents. Will use CEDengineerng

when needing additional



Thomas Cappellin, P.E.


"I had a course expire and yet you still honored the commitment and gave

me what I paid for - much



Jeff Hanslik, P.E.


"CEDengineering provides convenient, economical and relevant courses

for the engineer."



Mike Seidl, P.E.


"Course was reasonably priced and the material was concise and

well arranged."



Glen Schwartz, P.E.

New Jersey

"Questions were appropriate for the lessons, and lesson material is

good reference material

for wood design."


Bryan Adams, P.E.


"Excellent and was able to receive helpful guidance via a simple phone call."




Robert Welner, P.E.

New York

"I had a great experience taking the Coastal Construction – Designing

the Building course and

highly recommend it."


Denis Solano, P.E.


"Very clear, well organized website. NJ ethics course material was very

nicely prepared."



Eugene Brackbill, P.E.


"Very good experience. I like the ability to download the study material to

review wherever and



Tim Chiddix, P.E.


"Excellent! Maintain the wide selection of topics to choose from."




William Barattino, P.E.


"The process is direct, no nonsense. Good Experience."




Tyrone Baasch, P.E.


"The questions on the exam were probing and demonstrated understanding

of the material. Thorough

and comprehensive."


Michael Tobin, P.E.


"This is my second course and I liked what the course offered to me that

would help in my line

of work."


Ricky Heflin, P.E.


"Very quick and easy to navigate. I would definitely use this site again."




Angela Watson, P.E.


"Easy to execute. No confusion on approach to take test or record certificate."




Kenneth Page, P.E.


"It was a great source of info pertaining to solar water heating. Informative

and great refresher."



Luan Mane, P.E.


"I like the approach to sign up and be able to read materials off line and then

come back to take the quiz."



Alex Mlsna, P.E.


"I appreciated the amount of information that was provided for the class. I know

this is all information that I can

use in real life situations."


Natalie Deringer, P.E.

South Dakota

"The review materials and sample test were in sufficient detail to allow me to

successfully complete

the course."


Ira Brodsky, P.E.

New Jersey

"Website is easy to use, you can download the material to study, then come back

and take the quiz. Very

convenient and on my

own schedule."

Michael Gladd, P.E.


"Thank you for the good courses over many years."




Dennis Fundzak, P.E.


"Very easy to register, access the course, take the test, and print the PDH

certificate. Thanks for making

the process simple."


Fred Schaejbe, P.E.


"Positive experience. Found a course that fit my needs quickly and completed

the one hour PDH in

one hour."


Steve Torkildson, P.E.

South Carolina

"I liked being able to download the documents for review of content

and suitability, before

having to pay for

the material."

Richard Wymelenberg, P.E.


"This is a good refresher on EE for non-electrical engineers."




Douglas Stafford, P.E.


"There is always room for improvement but I cannot think of anything in your

process that needs



Thomas Stalcup, P.E.


"I really like the convenience of taking the quiz online and receiving an immediate




Marlene Delaney, P.E.


"CEDengineering teaching modules is a very convenient way to access information on

many different technical areas outside

one’s own specialization without

having to travel."

Hector Guerrero, P.E.