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Accepted Courses board-accepted PDH and CEU courses are prepared in accordance with the Model Guidelines published by the NCEES CPC Guidelines and, therefore, comply with the rules of all State Licensing Boards mandating Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) requirements.

Since its launching in February 2007, has not had any one course rejected by any State Licensing Board. Our superior quality of continuing education PDH and CEU courses along with our long standing professional relationships and compliance with all State Licensing Boards have earned us a high degree of confidence that any course you take will be accepted by all the State Licensing Boards. Please refer to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy for more details.

Course Identification focuses on engineering oriented courses that cater to engineering professionals. We target courses in various engineering disciplines to accommodate engineers with diversified technical backgrounds. The selection of each course is based on its technical content and learning objectives intended to enhance the knowledge of the engineer. The information upon which the selected courses are based comes from two sources: original documents authored by Course Providers listed on, and public-domain documents (which describe sound engineering principles and cutting-edge R&D technology) written by subject matter experts working in government agencies, and selected by CED Course Providers for use and reference by Professonal Engineers.

Course Design continuing education programs are designed with a “clear purpose and objective to maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee's field of practice”. Our courses are specialized in the field of engineering and cover a broad range of engineering subjects. Our Online Courses, Discount Packages, Video Presentations, Interactive Courses, and Time and Monitored Courses are also supplemented with a professional quiz process intended to evaluate the engineer’s understanding of the subject matter.

Course Evaluation consults with technical experts to review and evaluate courses prior to publication online. These technical experts consist of Licensed Professional Engineers serving in the capacity of technical advisors and subject matter experts. They assist in scrutinizing each course to ensure that its technical content is in compliance with sound engineering principles and its learning objectives are achievable by the engineer. When necessary, consults with nationally recognized engineering associations and technical societies for further evaluation and feedback. Once the technical content is deemed to be satisfactory, the course is then published online.

Course Quiz requires the engineer to take an online quiz at the end of each Online Course, Video Presentation, Interactive Course, and Time and Monitored Course. The quiz is intended to evaluate the engineer’s effort in strengthening and maintaining his or her competency in the technical, managerial or ethical fields. The number of the quiz questions is based on the time required by each engineer to review and complete the course. The engineer is required to achieve a 70% passing grade. Upon successful completion of the quiz, the engineer will be issued a Certificate of Completion which includes his or her name, course title and number, number of PDH’s earned, date of successfully completing the course quiz, the name of the Course Provider and the name of the sponsoring organization (Continuing Education and Development, Inc.).

Course Feedback Survey users are provided with an optional course feedback survey upon completing each course and quiz. The survey is intended to assist us in determining whether updates or revisions to the course material are necessary to improve the engineers' learning experience, as well as, to ensure that the course learning objectives are being met. Based on our users' feedback, we modify our course material as necessary to enhance their quality and effectiveness.

Course Update reviews and evaluates the technical content of its courses periodically to ensure their compatibility with the current rules and regulations. We also monitor new technical information through periodic research and follow-up with nationally recognized associations and company affiliations; consultation with members of professional societies and industry leaders; and subscription to technical publications and engineering periodicals. When applicable, we update our course content in accordance with the latest technical developments, scientific advancements and regulatory amendments.

If you have any question about our online courses, please contact us at