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Bobby Rauf, P.E., C.E.M., MBA

Mr. Bobby Rauf is an online PDH course provider of continuing education courses for professional engineers.
Mr. Rauf received his BS in Electrical Engineering, with honors, from NC State University and earned his Executive MBA degree from Pfeiffer University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina and he is a Certified Energy Manager. He holds a patent in process controls technology. He is certified to train various engineering, ergonomics, safety and manufacturing courses.
Mr. Rauf served as a Staff Engineer at PPG Industries, Inc. since 1981. His recent responsibilities have included management of energy and ergonomics programs for multiple facilities, in the US and overseas. He also provide consultation and training services in, energy, electrical engineering, industrial safety, ergonomics and arc flash arena. His extensive engineering, design, project management, program and process management experience includes: energy and utilities management, energy audits/assessments, plant maintenance, electrical power, electrical controls, manufacturing automation, HVAC audits, safety and ergonomics.
Mr. Rauf instructs PDH (Professional Development Hour) and continuing education engineering skill building courses through webinars, live on-site presentations, pre-recorded audio and self-study texts. His sponsors and clients include Texas A&M University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, McNeese University, Lamar University, Clemson University, Association of Energy Engineers, EPIC College - Canada; US Bureau of Reclamation, PDH Engineers, ARAMCO - Saudi Arabia, CED, and PDH Source. He is an Adjunct Professor at Gardner-Webb University. In that capacity he has instructed undergraduate and graduate business administration classes since 1989.
Mr. Rauf is also a developer and instructor of Fundamentals of Engineering (E.I.T or F.E.) and Professional Engineering courses designed to prepare engineers for Professional Engineering Licensure State Board Examinations. He currently instructs these courses through Professional Publications Inc. and Clemson University. His recently published books include: "Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers," "Thermodynamics Made Simple for Energy Engineers" and "Finance and Accounting for Energy Engineers. These books were published through Fairmont Press, CRC and Association of Energy Engineers. He has developed several, short, self-study books that cater to the continuous professional development needs of engineers, technicians and technical managers.
Courses provided to by Mr. Rauf are as follows: