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Thermodynamics and HVAC Principles and Practice

Thermodynamics and HVAC Principles and Practice
Course Highlights

This online engineering PDH video presentation demonstrates how to analyze and solve various types of practical thermodynamic problems through multiple case studies. 


Through this video course, users are expected to learn or refresh fundamental principles and concepts of thermodynamics in a simple, easy to understand, format; catalysed by live discussion on the topic in the presentation. This video course illustrates application of thermodynamic principles in practical industrial, commercial and residential applications. Moreover, this course presents the laws, equations, graphs, charts, tables and diagrams, pertaining to various thermodynamics concepts, which are utilized in the analysis and solution of the case study problems.


This 7 PDH online video presentation is intended for all engineers, manufactures, facility managers and others who are not intimately familiar with thermodynamics principles and practices.
Learning Objectives

This continuing education video presentation is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Learning the concept of heat energy and its correspondence with work and other forms of energy in the thermodynamics realm
  • Learning the concept of specific heat and its role in calculation of heat associated with change of temperature in thermodynamic systems
  • Understanding the conversion of energy from fuel form to heat, from heat to steam, from steam to work, and work to electricity – illustrated through a comprehensive, multistage, case study
  • Learning the concepts of enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, work, and power
  • Understanding the difference between sensible and latent heats, and their role in the change of phases of substances
  • Gaining an understanding about the role of saturated and superheated steam tables in thermodynamics system analysis and determination of the phase of water
  • Understanding the practical significance and the difference between various thermodynamic processes, i.e. isobaric, isenthalpic, isentropic, adiabatic, isochoric, isometric, isothermal, etc.
  • Familiarizing with Mollier’s diagram, the psychrometric chart and their applications in design and optimal operation of HVAC Systems
  • Understanding the refrigeration cycle and get insight into refrigeration process through review of pressure-enthalpy performance of DuPont® 134a refrigerant
  • Familiarizing with the energy conservation and process optimization value offered by direct digital, or automated, control of HVAC Systems 
  • Learning about the typical architecture of automated HVAC systems
Course Document
For this course, you will need to watch the video presentation titled, “Thermodynamics and HVAC Principles and Practice”. To access the video presentation, you will need to log in or register and purchase the course.  Following course purchase, please click on the link provided in your account history to view the video presentation. The duration of the video presentation is approximately 458 minutes.
Please note that you will be watching the video presentation via YouTube or another video streaming platform which will be streaming though
Course Quiz
Once you are finished watching the PDH video presentation, you will need to close or minimize the video portal to return to your account and click on “Take Quiz”. You will need to take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of thirty-five (35) questions to earn 7 PDH credits. The quiz will be based on this video presentation. The minimum passing score is 70%. There is no time limit on the quiz, and you can take it multiple times until you pass at no additional cost.
The minimum passing score is 70%. There is no time limit on the quiz, and you can take it multiple times until you pass at no additional cost.
Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the quiz, print your Certificate of Completion instantly. (Note: if you are paying by check or money order, you will be able to print it after we receive your payment.) For your convenience, we will also email it to you. Please note that you can log in to your account at any time to access and print your Certificate of Completion.

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