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Engineering Ethics for New Jersey Professional Engineers

Engineering Ethics for New Jersey Professional Engineers
Note: This 2 PDH video presentation is only applicable to New Jersey Professional Engineers. It is also offered as a live interactive webinar.
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Course Highlights

This online engineering PDH video presentation introduces the laws and rules of ethics and professional responsibility governing the practice of engineering in the State of New Jersey. It also emphasizes on behavior as a professional member of the workforce.


This video presents the provisions of professional conduct from two viewpoints. First, your conduct as a professional engineer with behavior that is unique to engineers such as stamping drawings, signing official or technical documents, preparing estimates for clients or employers, and submitting engineering reports to official agencies. Second, your behavior as a member of the larger workforce where you communicate with team members, follow company policies and procedures, and your overall behavior as part of a workplace community.


Furthermore, this presentation discusses the disciplinary cases and its outcomes in situations where professional engineers have violated the requirements of professional responsibility and ethical conduct – the decisions we make when no one is watching.


This 2 PDH online video presentation is applicable to Professional Engineers licensed in the State of New Jersey and who are required to demonstrate continuing professional competency in engineering ethics as a condition of their license renewal. For each renewal period, every licensee must complete twenty-four (24) professional development hours, at least two (2) of which must be relative to the law and rules professional responsibility, conduct and ethics.

Learning Objectives

This PE continuing education video presentation is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding the laws and rules regulating the practice of engineering in the State of New Jersey and acquainting with the links to their key website resources
  • Learning how to identify desirable conduct as a professional engineer and as a member of the greater workforce
  • Knowing how to discuss and demonstrate proper methods of dealing with undesirable behavior from others
  • Familiarizing with ethical and disciplinary case studies depicting various violations and their corresponding penalties
Course Document

For this course, you will need to watch the video presentation titled, “Engineering Ethics for New Jersey Engineers.”  To access the video presentation, you will need to log in or register and purchase the course.  Following course purchase, please click on the link provided in your account history to view the video presentation. The duration of the video presentation is approximately 103 minutes.

Please note that you will be watching the video presentation via YouTube or another video streaming platform which will be streaming though
Course Quiz

Once you are finished watching the video presentation, you will need to click on the link provided at the end of the presentation to access your account and take the quiz. You will need to take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of ten questions to earn 2 PDH credits.  The quiz will be based on this video presentation.

The minimum passing score is 70%. There is no time limit on the quiz, and you can take it multiple times until you pass at no additional cost.
Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the quiz, print your Certificate of Completion instantly. (Note: if you are paying by check or money order, you will be able to print it after we receive your payment.) For your convenience, we will also email it to you. Please note that you can log in to your account at any time to access and print your Certificate of Completion.

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