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New Jersey State Requirements

PDH's Required:
24 Units
Renewal Period:
Biennial by April 30 of even years
Course Pre-approval:
The State Board does not pre-approve courses. You must select a course activity that meets your State Board criteria.
Sponsor Pre-approval:
The State Board does pre-approve continuing education sponsors although you do not have to take a course from an approved sponsor. However, if you do, then you are assured that the course will be accepted by the State Board.
Course Applicability:
The course must have a clear purpose and objective which will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice. In addition, of the 24 PDH required, at least 2 PDH, but no more than 8 PDH, shall be obtained in professional practice ethics each renewal period.
Online PDH's:
There are no limitations on the number of PDH's earned online.
PDH Deferral:
Up to 12 PDH may be carried over into the next renewal period.
Additional Information:
Please visit the New Jersey State Licensing Board Website.
Note: is an approved continuing education provider in the State of New Jersey.

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