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Deposition Testimony



Webinar Title: Deposition Testimony
Webinar No: B01-206W
PDH Credit: 1
Presenter: David Flanagan, P.E.
Time: From 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET
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Deposition Testimony
Course Highlights

A Discovery Deposition interview is a very common formal legal proceeding by which an attorney may require a potential witness to provide sworn testimony which may later be offered into evidence in a court trial. Dispute resolution through court litigation is a real possibility in today’s world and an engineer who takes on increased responsibility may well be required to participate in a Deposition interview.  Judge Flanagan is a licensed Professional Engineer who has been actively involved in civil litigation, both as a trial attorney and circuit court judge, for over forty years. He has participated in hundreds of Discovery Depositions and can explain clearly this process to engineers.


A Deposition interview may be used by an attorney to prepare for trial but it also can be a very early step to determine whether there is a basis to pursue the expense of formal court litigation.   An engineer can be a very effective witness and can provide useful, accurate information to enable the parties in a lawsuit to reach a fair resolution of their disagreement and avoid a court trial. It is possible to be an effective witness in this process but it does require, at the outset, the basic understanding of the unique aspects of the interview which Judge Flanagan will provide.    Judge Flanagan will explain the goals of the attorney who is seeking the testimony of the witness and the basic guidelines that a witness should follow to communicate clearly.   On the other hand, there are also typical errors that a witness, unfamiliar with the interview process, can make which Judge Flanagan will explain.


This 1 PDH online live webinar is intended for all engineers interested in having a basic understanding of the Deposition process and in understanding how the engineer-witness can contribute significantly to a fair and accurate resolution of the issues in a lawsuit.

Learning Objectives

This PE continuing education course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:


  • Understanding what an attorney is trying to accomplish in a discovery deposition interview
  • Learning about why, as an engineer, you may be required to participate in a discovery deposition interview
  • Recognizing typical deposition interview techniques
  • Learning how to avoid mistakes that an inexperienced witness may make in a deposition interview
  • Understanding how to communicate clearly and accurately engineering testimony
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