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The Gas Explosion in Cleveland, Ohio

COURSE PROVIDER: Gilbert Gedeon, P.E.
The Gas Explosion in Cleveland, Ohio
Course Highlights

This online engineering PDH interactive presentation provides a brief summary on the natural gas explosion in Cleveland, Ohio.

East Ohio Gas Company built the first full-scale commercial liquid natural gas (LNG) plant in Cleveland, Ohio in 1940, just after a successful pilot plant was built by its sister company, Hope Natural Gas Company of West Virginia. At 2:30 p.m. on the afternoon of Friday, October 20, 1944, the cylindrical above-ground storage tank number 4, holding liquefied natural gas in the East Ohio Gas Company's tank farm, began to emit a vapor that poured from a seam on the side of the tank.

This resulted in gas accumulations in various sewers, underground electric conduits, well holes, basements, buildings and other depressions which led to the inception of fires and frequent explosions blowing manhole covers many feet in the air, blowing up pavement all over the area, rupturing water lines, sewers and electrical service, blowing out numbers of plate glass windows on St. Clair Ave. one quarter mile from the center of the fire.

This presentation introduces the gas explosion resulting from full-scale commercial liquid natural gas (LNG) plant in Cleveland, Ohio, and the possible causes that led to the disaster. The presentation also discusses the aftermath of the disaster, and its ongoing effects that made it the most difficult, hazardous and heart-rending situation the Cleveland Police Department has ever been called upon to cope with. The presentation ends by discussing the lessons learnt for handling and storage of natural gas, and the legacy that remains to our present day.

This 1 PDH online interactive presentation is applicable to engineers, health, safety and environment personnel, and technical staff who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the natural gas explosion at Cleveland, Ohio.

Learning Objectives

This continuing education interactive presentation is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Familiarizing with the disaster of the gas explosion in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Discussing the possible causes of the disaster
  • Learning about the aftermath following the disaster
  • Understanding the lessons learned from the disaster and the recommendations required for future applications and use
Course Document
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