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Fundamentals of Signalized Intersections

COURSE NO: C05-025
Fundamentals of Signalized Intersections
Course Highlights

This online engineering PDH course provides key background information on three aspects of signalized intersections: user needs, geometric design, and traffic design and illumination. The intersection forms considered include signalized at-grade intersections and intersections with the potential for grade separation. The course provides a foundation of knowledge of signalized intersections that is useful as a learning tool for entry-level engineers and as a refresher for more experienced engineers.


The basic function of signalized intersections is to sequence right-of-way between intersecting streams of users. These intersections thus serve multiple functions: they allow motorists to access new streets and change directions in travel; they are junctions for bike routes; and they provide a primary connection to and from activity centers for pedestrians. Intersections also serve as public right-of-way and include space for public utilities such as power and communication lines; water, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage pipes; and traffic signs and signal equipment. 


This 5 PDH online course is intended for highway engineers, planners, and decision-makers involved with the planning, design, and operation of high-volume, signalized intersections.

Learning Objectives

This PE continuing education course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Human factors
  • Intersection users
  • Channelization
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Sight distance
  • Pedestrian facilities
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Traffic signal control type and phasing
  • Vehicle and pedestrian displays
  • Traffic signal pole layout
  • Traffic signal controller
  • Detection devices
  • Basic signal timing parameters
  • Signing and pavement marking design
  • Illumination design
  • Emergency action plan
Course Document

In this professional engineering CEU course, you need to review the course document titled “Fundamentals of Signalized Intersections” which Is based on Chapters 2-4 of Report No. FHWA-HRT-04-091 “Signalized Intersections: Informational Guide,” written by Lee A. Rodegerdts, et al, August, 2004, and sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration under Contract No.  DTFH61-98-C-00075, Task Order No. B98C75-009.

To view, print and study the course document, please click on the following link(s):
Fundamentals of Signalized Intersections (2.0 MB)
Course Quiz

Once you complete your course review, you need to take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of thirty (30) questions to earn 5 PDH credits. The quiz will be based on this DOT publication.

The minimum passing score is 70%. There is no time limit on the quiz, and you can take it multiple times until you pass at no additional cost.
Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the quiz, print your Certificate of Completion instantly. (Note: if you are paying by check or money order, you will be able to print it after we receive your payment.) For your convenience, we will also email it to you. Please note that you can log in to your account at any time to access and print your Certificate of Completion.

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