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Advancing Clean Electric Power Technologies: Solar Power

COURSE NO: R02-016
Advancing Clean Electric Power Technologies: Solar Power
Course Highlights

This online PDH course briefly discusses the solar market and solar energy’s technical and resource potential. Also, it addresses R&D strategy and priorities, the development and status of solar technologies and markets, projected solar deployment and impacts, and solutions for high-penetration of renewable energy into the electricity grid.


Solar energy offers a number of strategic benefits to the United States. Replacing fossil-fuel combustion with solar energy reduces emissions of human-induced greenhouse gases and air pollutants.


Despite these benefits, solar energy currently supplies only a small fraction of U.S. energy needs, largely because it historically has cost more than conventional energy sources. However, solar manufacturing costs and sales prices have dropped dramatically over the past few decades, and solar technologies are approaching energy-price parity with conventional generating sources in some regions of the United States and abroad.


This 2 PDH online course is intended for mechanical, electrical and renewable energy engineers as well as others interested in learning more about the current solar market and solar energy’s technical and resource potential.
Learning Objectives

This PE continuing education course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Familiarization with the solar market and solar energy’s technical and resource potential
  • Familiarizing with R&D strategy and priorities
  • Understanding the development and status of solar technologies and markets
  • Understanding the nature of projected solar deployment and their impact on the U.S. electricity markets
Course Document
In this professional engineering CEU course, you need to review the document, "Advancing Clean Electric Power Technologies: Solar Power" which is based on chapter 4 of the Quadrennial Technology Review 2015 titled “Innovating Clean Energy Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing - Technology Assessments”, published by the U.S. Department of Energy.
To view, print and study the course document, please click on the following link(s):
Course Quiz
Once you complete your course review, you need to take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of fifteen (15) questions to earn 2 PDH credits. The quiz will be based on the entire document.
The minimum passing score is 70%. There is no time limit on the quiz, and you can take it multiple times until you pass at no additional cost.
Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the quiz, print your Certificate of Completion instantly. (Note: if you are paying by check or money order, you will be able to print it after we receive your payment.) For your convenience, we will also email it to you. Please note that you can log in to your account at any time to access and print your Certificate of Completion.

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