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Ahmed Mousa

• CEO/founder of two international consulting companies: Electric Bridge Consulting and 100% Energy Club
• Consultant, Utility of the Future manager (first chosen manager), electrical engineer, R&D manager, & climate champion
• Adjunct professor, and author of four (4) books
• IEEE emerging technologies adviser
• Active member on five (5) boards, and SEPA’s cybersecurity working group chair
• Trainer/adviser, mentor, DEI leader, coach & speaker
• 20 years of experience at Con Edison, PSE&G, PEPCO, and First Energy:
o Field, planning, long-range planning, energy master plan, design engineering, operations, project management, training, smart grid, DERs & EVs’ grid impact, energy efficiency, DSM/DR, VVO/VVC, & AMI
o Transmission & distribution (T&D) reliability, load relief, load forecast, emergency response, best practice/benchmarking, enterprise risk management, disruption, IT/OT, IT Cybersecurity, agile systems, data analysis, ML/AI, & drones
o Sustainability, resiliency, climate change mitigation studies, microgrids, DMS/ADMS/DERMS/EMS/AEMS/GMS, non-pipe alternatives/solutions (NPA/NPS), RNG, hydrogen, FERC 2222 & transactive energy, and non-wire alternatives/solutions (NWA/NWS)
o Generation, transmission, sub-transmissions, substations and distribution systems
o Electric rate-cases, regulatory governing agencies, Office of Emergency Management, FEMA, Mayor's Office, Governor's Office, Department of Energy, President Biden’s Infrastructure bill, President Obama's stimulus project, Con Edison's System of the Future/Utility 2.0, PSE&G's Clean Energy Future ($4.1B), Governor’s energy goals, NYISO, PJM, FERC, commissioners, NJ Energy Master Plan & and Con Edison's 20-year electric/gas & steam integrated long-range plan.
• Technical adviser/lead/project manager: PSE&G Clean Energy Future, NJ Governor’s 50/100% clean energy system by 2030/2050 and 600/2,000 MW energy storage mandate by 2021/2030, intelligent touchless substation & smart transmission, PSEG 2030 100% net-zero, PSEG Race to Zero, change management and the workforce of the future.
• Con Edison Distribution Engineering ALVA Award for 21st Century Leader.

Mr. Mousa serves on the following boards:

•       Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) Research Advisory Council as Chair
•       New Jersey Association of Energy Engineers (NJAEE)    
•       Rutgers University Cyber Security                          
•       Pace University Cyber Security              
•       NJIT Industry Advisory board member.          

Technical adviser/lead/project manager:
• PSE&G Clean Energy Future ($4.1B) programs: EE, DR, EVs, VVO, Energy Storage, Smart Home, Smart                         Streetlight, Smart City, NWS, NPS, AMI, Energy Cloud.
• NJ Governor 50/100% clean energy system by 2030/2050, respectively.
• NJ Governor 600/2,000 MW energy storage mandate by 2021/2030, respectively.
• NJ Governor 3,500/7,500 MW wind mandate by 2030/2035, respectively.
• Intelligent touchless Substation (500, 345, 230, 138, 69 kV).
• Smart transmission (500, 345, 230, 138, 69 kV).
• PSEG 2030 100% clean energy.
• PSEG Race to Zero.
• Distribution system of the future.
• Grid modernization and resiliency.
• Natural gas: building electrification, renewable natural gas (RNG), and hydrogen (green and pink).
• Microgrids.
• Energy storage.
• EVs, vehicle 2 grid/home (V2G/V2H), electric buses, large vehicles, residential chargers/D.C. chargers, port-electrification.
• VVO/VVC – Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.
• Smart streetlight.
• Smart home.
• Smart city.
• Net-zero/near-net zero buildings.
• Transactive energy market/FERC 2222
• Data governance and security.
• Change management and the workforce of the future
• President Biden’s Infrastructure bill technical lead.

Mr. Mousa is the technical lead/adviser for: energy storage/Solar/VVO/DMS/ADMS/Smart Grid/DERs/Microgrid/EVs/Clean Energy Future/AMI/SGIP/SEPA/Georgia Tech NEETRAC.

Mr. Mousa was Con Edison's substation planning manager responsible for the 5/10/20/30 year sub-transmission and distribution load relief plan. He worked at the Energy Control Center. He was the project manager for a SCADA EMS project & President Obama's D.O.E's stimulus grant. He is the recipient of the "ALVA Award for 21st Century Leader" & other awards.

Courses provided to by Mr. Mousa are as follows: