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Dear [fname] [lname] is pleased to announce its latest online PDH course releases:
 Overview of Insulation Materials, 5 PDH
thermal insulation
This course provides an overview of the properties, characteristics, and potential benefits of thermal insulation material. It also discusses the selection and installation methods on various application areas, such as pipelines, vessels, stacks, furnaces and more, using hangers and supports.
Openings in Foundation and Enclosure Walls, 3 PDH
enclosed foundation of a house
This course provides guidance for the design and selection of FEMA compliant flood openings intended to equalize water levels on the inside and outside of walls. The objective of this critical task is to reduce the differential pressure against walls that could lead to failure.
Introduction to Solar Cooling Systems, 2 PDH
solar panels next to palm trees
This course presents solar-powered cooling systems for buildings, including  absorption cooling systems, Rankine cycle heat engine cooling systems and desiccant cooling. It also discusses the fundamentals of system sizing, controls, piping, pumps and valves, and solar collectors.
Residential Deck Construction, 3 PDH
wood deck
This course introduces basic design and construction methods for single-story residential wood decks. The course is based on a construction guide published by the American Wood Council. Specific design guidance is provided for all deck components in the form of convenient tables and charts.
Culvert Characteristics (BIRM), 3 PDH
a stone bridge
This course addresses the characteristics of a culvert. It also presents general procedures for conducting, reporting, and documenting a culvert inspection. Furthermore, it provides guidelines for inspecting and rating specific hydraulic and structural culvert components.
Improving Process Heating System Performance, 5 PDH
blue industrial heating systems
This course describes process heating applications and equipment, outlines opportunities for energy and performance improvements, and discusses the use of a systems approach in identifying and implementing these improvement opportunities for Fuel-Based and Electric-Based heating systems.
Failure Modes and Failure Mechanisms, 3 PDH
a stickfigure on crutches
This course introduces Failure Modes and Failure Mechanisms for individuals involved in designing and implementing information management systems in support of reliability and maintenance; or developing inspection programs to identify failure mechanisms and prevent failures and deterioration.