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Dear [fname] [lname] is pleased to announce its latest online PDH course releases:
 Energy Efficient Electric Motor Selection, 4 PDH
green electric motor
The majority of electrical energy consumed in most industrial facilities is used to run electric motors. This course presents the characteristics, economics, and benefits of standard versus high-efficiency motors, as well as the economic and operational factors to be considered when purchasing motors.
Performance-Based Design, 1 PDH
performance diagram
Performance-based design is the process or methodology used by design professionals to create buildings that protect the functionality and the continued availability of services. The purpose of this course is to familiarize the engineer with the performance-based design process.
Fundamentals of Lightning Protection Systems, 2 PDH
blue lightning protection system
This course presents the five basic principles of lightning protection systems: 1) Strike Termination, 2) Equipotential Bonding, 3) Grounding Electrode, 4) Conductor, and 5) Surge Protection.  It also offers a brief discussion on the applicable design standards commonly used for lightning protection.
Methods for Cleaning of Contaminated Soils, 4 PDH
EPA uses many methods to clean up Superfund and other sites. This course presents various EPA-approved methods for cleaning contaminated soils. For each method, this course describes 1) how the method works, 2) how safe it is, 3) how long it will take, and 4) why it is used.
Boiler Classification and Application, 2 PDH
blue boiler
This course introduces the various types of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional boilers. It describes the function of fuel feed systems and their role in low-emission boilers. Also this course presents the emission rates and the codes and rules that regulate the emission of air pollutants from boilers.
 Attention New York Engineers!
Engineering Ethics for NY Professional Engineers, 3 PDH
This course presents the ethical and professional responsibilities governing the practice of engineering in NY. Excerpts from the New York Education Law, the Rules of Board of Regents and the Regulations of the Commissioner, which relate to the rules of profession conduct, are presented in this course.
 Attention Maryland Engineers! is now approved by the MD Board
Select from over 500 courses prepared by PE's like you as per the NCEES guidelines and taken by thousands of engineers worldwide. We are approved in all pre-approval states (including Maryland) and our courses are accepted by all US State Boards mandating CPC requirements.