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Project Management for Engineering Professionals, 5 PDH
figures surrounding one leader figure
This course presents an overview of modern practices in effective management of technical projects, including but not limited to, estimating, scheduling, definition of scope, procurement process, risk management, project communications, baseline and control, and performance measurement.
 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Rev. Effec. 3/15/12, 2 PDH
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The Department of Justice published the first major revisions of the 1991 ADA standards on 9/15/2012. Compliance with these revisions will be required for new construction and alterations as of 3/15/2012. This course focuses on the 2010 building and building site related changes to the ADA Standards.
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), 2 PDH
variable frequency drives
Over the last few years, VFD's have become one of the most effective motor controllers available for varying the speed of squirrel-cage induction motors. This  course presents an overview of the different types of VFDs, their application, proper installation and principles of operation.
Foundations in Expansive Soils, 8 PDH
foundation in soil
Soil heave that is caused by soils with swell potential can be detrimental to various types of foundations. This course covers the test and design methods that can be used to determine soils with heave potential and how to design foundations that can effectively function in heaving soils.
Ethics, Professionalism & Discipl. Actions: Case Studies, 1 PDH
black and gold balance beam
This course presents ten case studies of professional misconduct and the actual disciplinary actions taken by the respective licensing boards. The cases represent a wide range of situations likely to exist in many states and the various disciplinary procedures engineers can be subject to.
LaPlace Transforms (Part 4): Frequency & Phase Analysis, 4 PDH
frequency & phase analysis chart
This course determines the magnitude and phase response of a circuit modeled by LaPlace transforms, using Bode's technique. It is designed to develop working expertise in the use of transforms in the design and analysis of any circuit that must be modeled using differential/integral equations.
Energy Recovery for Ventilation Air in Laboratories, 1 PDH
white and black recovery ventilation air machine
This course discusses the application of air-to-air energy recovery using enthalpy wheels, heat pipes, or run-around loops in new construction. Furthermore, it describes the savings associated with these devices and highlights the codes and regulations that govern this technology.
Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters, 2 PDH
pump water heaters
This course presents an overview of commercial heat pump water heater (HPWHs) applications. In addition, it illustrates the benefits and energy savings behind this technology, explains how to properly size an HPWH system, and highlights the costs associated with the installation of HPWHs.