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Basic Electrical Engineering for HVAC Engineers, 4 PDH
Course No. E04-025
This course provides an overview about electrical engineering to HVAC engineers to help them communicate more effectively with specialists such as electrical designers, consultants and contractors, and enable them to comprehend the discussions and requirements surrounding the subject.
Design of Com./Ind. Guardrail Sys. for Fall Protection, 2 PDH
Course No. S02-016
This course provides a procedure for designing guardrail systems in commercial and/or industrial applications. It provides a selection of published methods, tables and charts from industry manuals, manufacturer's engineering data, and codes as a source of design criteria for guardrail systems.
Psychrometric Engineering Applications, 1 PDH
Course No. M01-014
This course will analyze a case study where the HVAC system is oversized, the problems it causes and how the problem was solved. It provides the reader with detailed analysis and understanding of the Psychrometric terminology and the ability to utilize a Psychrometric Chart.
Primer for Wastewater Treatment Systems, 3 PDH
Course No. C03-033
This course provides an overview of the need for & characteristics of municipal wastewater treatment systems. Various types of pollutants are described. Primary, secondary and advanced treatment processes are discussed. Wastewater residuals and biosolids disposal issues are presented.
Intro. to the Design of Mobile Hydraulic Systems (Part 1), 2 PDH
Course No. M02-044
Part 1 of this course provides an introduction of hydraulic fundamentals, hydraulic end devices (the muscle of the system), and valves (the system control), including feedback control system stability. It also presents equations describing the performance of end devices.
Intro. to the Design of Mobile Hydraulic Systems (Part 2), 2 PDH
Course No. M02-045
Part 2 of this course describes the analysis of the system, and system safety considerations.  This course includes an Excel spread sheet for the analysis of viscous and dynamic pressure loss.  It presents a methodology for the use of this spread sheet.
An Introduction to Seepage and Drainage, 5 PDH
Course No. G05-005
This course provides an introduction to seepage and drainage control for foundations and earth structures. It covers surface erosion and analysis of flow quantity and groundwater pressures associated with underseepage. It presents the requirements for methods of drainage and pressure relief.