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Control Valve Basics: Sizing and Selection, 4 PDH
Course No. M04-034
Control valves are imperative elements in any system where fluid flow must be monitored and manipulated. This course provides an overview of control valves with emphasis on sizing and selectionensure it performs its designated task without any adverse occurrences in the system.
An Introduction to Excavation for Structures, 2 PDH
Course No. G02-002
This course provides methodologies for selecting and designing two basic types of excavation systems: “open excavation” where stability is achieved by providing stable side slopes, and “braced excavation” where vertical or sloped sides are maintained with protective structural systems.
Wind Energy Applications for Municipal Water Services, 2 PDH
Course No. R02-006
This course describes the issues municipal providers face with respect to energy and water, the progress that wind technologies have made in recent years to become a cost-effective electricity source, and the analysis employed to assess the potential for wind power in support of water service providers.
Project Performance Secrets, 8 PDH
Course No. B08-001
This course presents a step-by-step process of analyzing some of the ways project managers have always done projects and make suggestions for new ways to improve project performance, reduce the amount of work process obstacles that arise, and speed the assimilation of team members.
An Introduction to Railroad Trackage, 2 PDH
Course No. C02-047
This course provides an introduction to the design and construction of railroad trackage in the United States, including roadways, ballast, ties, rails, track grade, turnouts, crossovers, highway crossings, sidings, warehouse trackage, track scales, and yards.
An Introduction to Steam Generators, 5 PDH
Course No. M05-019
This course provides information about the selection, specification, installation and operation of steam generators. It also addresses the design requirements for gas, oil, coal, and waste fuel fired steam generating, water-tube boilers and associated components.