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Dear [fname] [lname] is pleased to announce its latest online PDH course releases:
 Hydronic Pump System Design Considerations, 6 PDH
red valve
This course describes the relationships between the components that make up the pumping system, as well as, numerous examples and illustrations with generic references to air-conditioning applications, so that the reader can appreciate the nuances for any application.
Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays, 2 PDH
solar panel on-top of a red roof
This course presents the principles of determining wind loads on PV arrays, mounted parallel to the roof slope and relatively close to the roof surface, based on Chapter 6 of the American Society of Civil Engineers "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures" (ASCE 7-05).
Installing Seismic Restraints for Mech. Equipment, 5 PDH
red mechanical equipment
This course offers guidelines for securing mechanical equipment to buildings to minimize damage due to earthquakes. It illustrates how to use and anchor seismic restraint devices, including vibration isolation systems, cable or strut suspension systems, roof attachment systems and steel shapes.
Elements of Machine Design, 4 PDH
metal gear
This course addresses the fundamental issues of machine design. It provides design details on gears, bearings and shafts, as well as, how a simple beam formula can be used to calculate gearbox shaft loads and deflections. It also analyzes power flow through an automotive drive train.
LaPlace Transforms Basic Parallel Circuit Analysis, 4 PDH
parallel circuit chart
This course presents the application of LaPlace transforms to parallel circuits. While a stand-alone module, it is the third in series of courses designed to develop expertise in the use of transforms in the design & analysis of circuits that must be modeled using differential/integral equations.
Maintenance Excellence Review, 3 PDH
two missiles
This course covers the work management processes associated with the various forms of work required for asset maintenance. For each of those work management processes, the engineer is exposed to characteristics needed to make the process contribute to Maintenance Excellence.
OSHA Construction, Demolition & Cleanup Safety, 4 PDH
yellow construction hat
This course introduces the OSHA rules that covers common safety issues; such as fall prevention, scaffold safety, worker safety in trench work, lead and asbestos  exposure, electrical hazards, respirator use and nail gun use. It is based on twenty-four OSHA Quick Cards and Fact Sheets.