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 Thermal Energy Storage (TES) - 4 PDH
metallic energy storage unit
A TES system is a load shifting strategy for creation of cooling to off-peak hours; whereby storage media is cooled during low cooling demand and the stored cooling is used later to meet process cooling  or air-conditioning loads. This course describes various TES technologies and their inherent pros and cons.
Introduction to Interior Lighting Design - 2 PDH
a room with a tree and interior lighting
This course introduces the principles of lighting design for building interiors.  It explains the concepts and considerations of visibility, glare, uniformity and illuminance. It discusses applications of luminaires and lamps as well as lighting controls and their importance in energy conservation.
Bridge Inspections - 10 PDH
people inspecting a bridge
This course provides a thorough discussion of bridge inspection procedures of various types of bridges. These procedures vary with the type of bridge composition material and with the bridge particular components including, piers, bents, girders, deck, abutments, trusses and bearings. 
Underground Construction - 3 PDH
an underground tunnel 
OSHA recognizes that working in underground environments presents serious hazards to all workers involved. As such, OSHA developed the underground construction standard to protect the safety and health of these workers. This course summarizes OSHA’s underground construction standards.
Horizontal Curve Safety - 4 PDH
curved roadway
This course presents low-cost treatments that can be applied at horizontal curves to address identified or potential safety issues. It describes treatment examples; suggests treatment applicability; and provides design features and information on potential safety effectiveness and costs.
Geometric Design - 3 PDH
bird's eye view roadway with arrows
This course presents geometric design criteria for the design of roads, streets, bridges, walks, parking, residence drives and storage areas. It discusses how geometric design deals with the dimensions of the visible features of a facility such as alignment, sight distances, widths, slopes, and grades.
Hazardous Waste Identification - 3 PDH
hazardous waste barrels
This course covers a very organized approach to determining whether your waste is considered a "solid waste" under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations and moving on to determining if it fits one of the RCRA requirements for being a hazardous waste.