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Introduction to Pumping Stations for Water Supply Sys., 4 PDH
white pumping station
This course provides guidance and criteria for the design of high lift and water booster pumping stations in potable water distribution systems. Guidance is provided for sizing and selection of pumps and pump drives, piping, control valving, flow metering, pump station structures, and operational features.
 Ethical Guidelines in Working with Gov. Contractors, 1 PDH
untied states office of ethics seal
This course provides an overview of the basic rules that executive branch employees must follow when interacting with contractors and their personnel. Using scenarios based both on hypothetical scenarios and on actual cases, the course covers some of the most commonly occurring situations.
Basics of Engineering Mechanics, 3 PDH
a diagram of a tire (labeled with angles)
This course presents the fundamentals of modern mechanics developed by Sir Isaac Newton in the late seventeenth century. This course describes the effect of static and dynamic forces on objects and includes a discussion of the forces commonly encountered in daily life.
Mechanical Power Transmission Fundamentals, 3 PDH
metal gear
This course describes gear trains, planetary gear sets, differential gears, gearboxes and their use in the industrial and automotive fields. Couplings and clutches are discussed with reference to their use in automotive torque converters. Belts and chains are briefly presented.
Ethics for Executive Branch Employees, 3 PDH
black and white white house picture
This course provides an overview of the types of ethical issues that frequently arise for employees of the executive branch of the Federal Government as they pursue their official duties. The fourteen principles of ethical conduct are listed and many are illustrated with real-life examples.
Introduction to Wastewater Collection and Pumping, 8 PDH
water twirling in a drain
This course presents the principles of wastewater collection and pumping including preliminary sewer design issues, hydraulic design of gravity and pressure sewers, sewer system layout, and structural design of sewer lines. It also describes sewer piping and pump station components. 
Principles and Use of Ball Bearings, 2 PDH
black and metal ball bearing
Ball bearings are used to support shafts in rotating equipment with minimum friction. This course discusses the design and application of ball bearings including design, manufacture, selection, mounting, lubrication, and application of the various types of ball bearings.