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Intro to Pavement Design in Seasonal Frost Conditions, 4 PDH
Course No. C04-029
This course provides an introduction on evaluation of soil conditions, selection of materials, and design methods for pavements in seasonal frost conditions. It presents criteria for the design and construction of pavements placed on subgrade or base course materials subject to seasonal frost action.
Protective Grounding, 1 PDH
Course No. E01-005
This course provides guidance on the various applications of transformer power system grounding. It explains the types of applications, their technical concerns, where they are used, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of transformer grounding system.
Liquid Process Piping - Valves, 2 PDH
Course No. M02-040
This course presents an overview of the different types of valves used in the liquid piping process. Also, this course presents the guidelines for valve sizing and selection as well as the valve schedule procedures typically required for any liquid process application.
Impact of Plants on Earthen Dams, 8 PDH
Course No. C08-014
This course provides the technical knowledge to necessary to understand the impacts of tree and woody vegetation growth on the safety of earthen dams, and the methods, procedures, and benefits of maintaining desirable ground-covering vegetation on the embankments of earthen dams.
Introduction to System Block Algebra, 2 PDH
Course No. E02-013
Systems are often described using block diagrams as visual aids. The blocks are used to implement mathematical operations (such as addition and multiplication) and high level transfer functions. This course presents an introduction to system block algebra and manipulation of these blocks. 
Introduction to Bearing Capacity Analysis, 2 PDH
Course No. G02-004
Stresses transmitted by a foundation to underlying soils must not cause bearing-capacity failure or excessive foundation settlement. This course will introduce you to shear strength parameters, tension forces and methods for analysis of soils and rock to determine load bearing capacity.
Vegetation Management at Levees, Floodwalls and Dams 3 PDH
Course No. C03-037
This course provides guidelines to assure that landscape planting and vegetation management provide aesthetic and environmental benefits without compromising the reliability of levees, floodwalls, embankment dams, and appurtenant structures.