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PDH course releases:
 Heat Rejection Options in HVAC Systems - 4 PDH
green hvac system
One of the basic requirements of the air conditioning and refrigeration systems is to reject heat to the outdoors. The range of chillers is wide ranging. This course provides a comprehensive description of the five prominent heat rejection methods as applicable to air conditioning systems.
 Package Plants for Wastewater Treatment - 1 PDH
wastewater treatment plant
Package plants are pre-manufactured wastewater treatment facilities typically used to treat flows between 0.01 and 0.25 MGD. This course presents three types of package plants. It discusses their typical applications, advantages and disadvantages, performance,  and cost for each.
 Improving Energy Efficiency of Boiler Systems - 6 PDH
blue boilers
Understanding boiler operating costs is the key to maximizing investments. This course provides energy efficiency opportunities in the areas of combustion, makeup and feed water management, condensate return, blow-down system, waste heat recovery and steam distribution and utilization.
 Chemical Cleaning of Industrial Water Systems - 3 PDH
2 industrial water systems
This course presents methods for cleaning industrial water systems with chemicals. It discusses pre-operational cleaning which is performed to prepare water-contacted metal surfaces to receive chemical treatment and remedial cleaning to restore water systems that have been fouled.
 Small Wind Electric Systems to Power Your Home - 2 PDH
This course focuses on small wind electric systems which make a significant contribution to our nation’s energy needs. It provides tips on how to make our homes more energy efficient. It illustrates the basic parts of a small wind electric system and how to connect the system to the utility grid.
 Conserving Energy with Cooling Water Treatment - 5 PDH
water plant
This course provides an overview of the waterside problems specific to HVAC systems. It discusses how the energy is dissipated from the open recirculation systems and how effective implementation and tight monitoring of the water treatment programs can conserve energy.
Planning and Scheduling for Routine Maintenance - 2 PDH
toolbelt with pliers and a hammer in it
This course describes the objectives and presents the elements needed to achieve adequate planning. It describes the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) needed to determine if a routine maintenance process is functioning in an efficient and effective manner.