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Under Floor Air Distribution, 1 PDH
inside of a house
This course presents a brief overview of under floor air distribution (UFAD) systems which are raised floor systems within which plenums are used to deliver conditioned air to the space through floor grills. This course also describes the costs associated with installing UFAD systems.
 Public Right of Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG), 2 PDH
This course presents the main requirements for ADA compliance in the public right of way. PROWAG addresses features common to public right of ways such as sidewalks, curb ramps, roadway crossings, pedestrian crossing signals, and on-street parking. It is currently scheduled to be adopted in 2012.
Description of Useful HVAC Terms, 5 PDH
This course contains a compilation of almost 1000 bits and pieces of HVAC terminology, definitions and descriptions that will help resolve ambiguities in common usage of terms in normal interactions of people and the environment. It is arranged in alphabetical order for easy referencing.
Design Debris Control Countermeasures for Structures, 9 PDH
dirt surrounded by warer
This course provides guidance on designing debris control countermeasures for culvert and bridge structures. It discusses the effects on the hydraulic elements of channels and structures as a result of debris accumulation, and evaluation procedures used to estimate the debris potential for a site.
 Ethics in Professional Practice, 2 PDH
balance beam
This course discusses background on philosophical models that guide ethical behavior and how they are applied to specific situations in engineering codes of ethics. It is based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Professional Practice Curriculum, Volume 8, Engineering Ethics.
Design Do's and Don'ts for VAV Systems, 2 PDH
blue VAV systems
This course provides guidelines for recognizing the areas, such as  coordination with the client; cooling and heating load design calculations; duct design and space air distribution; controls and types of VAV boxes; operation and maintenance; and ventilation, to prevent deficiencies found in VAV systems.
 Basics of Groundwater Protection, 2 PDH
This course introduces the sources of groundwater, lists its primary uses, discusses the many possible sources of contamination, explains options available after contamination has occurred, and briefly outlines how federal and state laws are used to protect groundwater.
Engineering Patents I: Overview, 2 PDH
white dome building
This course provides an overview of patents and their application process. It explains how to protect innovative ideas, apply for patents, use “prior art” to enhance the credibility of the sought after patent, and make claims in obtaining a patent to protect it from possible infringement.