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Happy holidays from Below are our latest course releases:
 Safe Rooms - 4 PDH
This course covers the design and construction of storm-resistant safe rooms that provide near-absolute protection from tornado or hurricane winds and associated flying debris. The designs considered are applicable to homes, small businesses, and small community shelters.
 Bridge Maintenance and Repair - 5 PDH
This course describes maintenance and repair tasks, such as cleaning deck drains, bank restoration, scour protection, debris, snow and ice removal common to bridges made of steel, concrete, timber, wrought and cast iron. It also describes procedures that will expand bridge load-carrying capacity.
 Stream Restoration - 7 PDH
This course covers procedures for evaluating the stability of a stream channel reach. It describes stream assessment and survey procedures, erosion and sediment control planning, flood studies, and planning/design considerations for the restoration of an unstable stream channel. 
 Insulation Basics - 3 PDH
Heating and cooling account for 50% to 70% of the energy used in the average American home. This course provides guidance on how insulation works, what different types of insulation are available, and how much insulation is generally required to be installed based on climatic conditions.
 Ethical Issues: Kansas City Hyatt Hotel Collapse - 4 PDH
This course describes the structural design feature that was the nexus of the failure, and the procedural deficiencies that allowed the fatal design change to be implemented. It will also discuss the ensuing technical investigation, the issues of responsibility and liability, and lessons learned.
 Effects of Traffic Calming Measures - 2 PDH
This course summarizes past research on speed humps, bulbouts, and roadway narrowing as well as findings from a new evaluation of bulbouts, raised crosswalks and intersections, refuge islands, and speed humps. It describes physical treatments for reducing vehicle speeds and volumes.
 HVAC Design for Corrosive Environments - 3 PDH
Corroded HVAC equipment not only diminish the heat transfer but also increase the operational costs and the maintenance bills.  Prevention is much cheaper than replacing coils or the entire system. This course discusses the HVAC design considerations for corrosive environments.
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