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 Overview of Refractories, 5 PDH
white refractories
Refractories are widely used in the lining of high temperature surfaces in manufacturing, thermal, metallurgical and chemical equipments. This course provides insight to refractory types, properties and applications, and how they may be applied to achieve better fuel efficiency and service life.
Flood Damage Resistant Materials, 2 PDH
a flooded room
Flood resistant materials are used to reduce damages resulting from prolonged contact of flood waters. This course provides guidance for the design, selection, and review of FEMA flood damage resistant material requirements for new construction and existing structures with special flood hazard areas.
Transpired Collectors as Solar Air Preheaters, 1 PDH
solar panel
The transpired collector is a simple, low tech, inexpensive means of preheating outdoor ventilation air coming into a building; thus reducing the energy requirement from traditional sources for building heating. This course provides in-depth guidance on this innovative technology.
Wood-Based Composites and Panel Products,  3 PDH
wood planks
Because of the vast variation in wood properties, solid wood cannot match reconstituted wood in the range of properties that can be controlled in processing. This course illustrates the different types of wood- based composites and panel products, as well as their different processing considerations.
Introduction to Solid Waste Incineration, 4 PDH
a large fire
This course provides an introduction to the basic practices and practices of solid waste incineration including classification and characterization of solid waste, fundamentals of oxidation, stoichiometry, mechanisms of combustion, and combustion process control.
LaPlace Transforms: Basic Series Circuit Analysis, 3 PDH
3 grey circuits
This course applies LaPlace transforms to series circuits. While a stand-alone module, it is the second in series of courses designed to develop working expertise in the use of transforms in the design and analysis of any circuit that must be modeled using differential/integral equations.
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance, 2 PDH
a man hammering a nail
This course introduces the elements critical for identifying effective Predictive and Preventive Maintenance tasks. It describes how the application of Predictive and Preventive Maintenance supports the transition from reactive behavior to proactive behavior within an organization.