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Ethical Issues from the Panama Canal Failure, 2 PDH
picture panama canal in the 1880's
This course examines the ethical issues that arose from the attempt by French commercial and government interests to build a maritime canal across the isthmus of Panama in the 1880s. It discusses what can happen when political, financial and commercial goals override sound engineering.
 Introduction to Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits, 1 PDH
blue dots being connected
This course introduces Boolean variables, operators, equations, and the analysis of logic circuits. It covers the basics of Boolean algebra, simplification of equations using familiar algebraic techniques, identities unique to Boolean algebra, and the generation of Boolean equations.
Geonsynthetic Engineering: Geosythetic Reinforcers, 12 PDH
dirt geosythetic reinforcer
Over the past several decades, significant advances have been made regarding the understanding and use of geosynthetics. This course covers geosynthetic reinforcers for reinforcement applications of embankment, soil slopes, and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls.
Specialty Ball Bearings, 3 PDH
2 metal ball bearings
This course provides an overview of the basic principles of ball bearings and the many variations of ball bearings that are used in today’s industrial products. It also provides a number of drawings that depict the mounting and application of these various products.
Alternative Fuels for Vehicles, 2 PDH
a green gas pump
This course presents six alternative fuels used for vehicles: biodiesel, electricity, ethanol blended with gasoline, hydrogen, natural gas, and propane. In each case, the fuel's physical properties, source, environmental benefits and disadvantages, current availability, and effectiveness are described.
Motor Nameplate Information, 3 PDH
black motor
Ensuring that nameplate information is common among manufacturers is an important aspect of making motors interchangeable. This course explains how to read and interpret motor nameplate information, and highlights the major differences between NEMA and IEC motor standards.
Chemical Hazard Communication, 2 PDH
chemical hazard warning
OSHA recognizes that chemical exposure presents serious hazards to all personnel involved. Therefore, OSHA developed the Chemical Hazard Communication standard to make sure employers and employees know about work hazards and how to protect themselves.