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 Power Factor in Electrical Energy Management - 4 PDH
3 power lines
Power factor correction is the method used to minimize wasted power. Penalties levied by power companies are reduced or eliminated when energy is saved. This course highlights a systematic approach to the measurement, correction and control of power factor in order to cut energy costs.
Rational Method Hydrologic Calculations w/ EXCEL - 1 PDH
hydrologic equation
This course will enable you to calculate the peak storm water runoff rate based on the Rational Method equation, including determination of runoff coefficient, calculation of time of concentration, as well as determination of design rainfall intensity using Excel spreadsheets.
Introduction to Soil Stablization for Pavements - 3 PDH
soil and pavement
This course introduces accepted methods for stabilizing soils underlying new pavements to improve strength and durability. It describes methods to achieve better soil gradation, reduction of plasticity index or swelling potential, and reduction of soil layer thickness by stabilization methods.
Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion - 5 PDH
a diagram of air vapor rising in houses
This course focuses on the mitigation of vapor intrusion of volatile contaminants to prevent human exposure to anthropogenic soil and groundwater contaminants. It provides information on mitigation controls and technologies available, as well as selecting appropriate technologies.
Rock Engineering - 12 PDH
This course covers basic theories and practical applications of rock engineering. Human beings have been building structures on, in, and with rocks for centuries, and the principles of rock engineering have been used for a long time, whether they were theorized or not.
Streaming Flow of Reliability Data: Failure Mapping - 2 PDH
electrical chip
This course introduces the basic concepts of Failure Mapping and its application to the handling of day-to-day failures.  It illustrates the steps of the Path to Failure and Corrective Action while identifying the information that are important to handling each step in an effective and efficient manner.