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Passenger Car Drive Axle Technology, 3 PDH
a small metallic car axle
This course studies one of the least known assemblies of a passenger car, the “drive axle”. It provides a description of drive axles and traces the flow of power from the vehicle engine to the drive wheels. Various types of drive axles and their internal components are examined.
 Introduction to Area Drainage Systems, 4 PDH
a metallic drain that is surrounded by brown rocks
This course describes the requirements for the design of surface and subsurface drainage systems for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial areas. It covers initial investigations, environmental considerations, hydrologic studies, hydraulic design considerations and erosion control.
Making Fuels from Algae, 9 PDH
four fuel algae converting machines
This course explores the potential of algal biofuel production. It describes the biology of the diverse group of organisms called “algae”, issues related to cultivation such as  affordability, scalability, and sustainability, as well as the processes of harvesting and dewatering.
Low-Energy Building Design Guidelines, 4 PDH
a small scale bulding that has a triangular opened roof
Low-energy sustainable building design is an integrated whole-building application of different strategies. This course discusses what low-energy design means, specific strategies to be considered, when and where to apply these strategies, and how to evaluate their cost effectiveness.
Introduction to Repair of Rigid Pavements, 3 PDH
This course introduces the materials, criteria, and procedures for the rapid repair of uncontrolled cracks and spalls in rigid pavements by using epoxy resin grouts, mortars, and concretes. This course is applicable to the repair of rigid pavements on roads and airport runways and taxiways.
Solar Power Installations on Closed Landfills, 2 PDH
a squared area containing many solar panels
This course discusses the technical and regulatory facets of constructing solar farms on closed landfills. Different types of solar technologies and their suitability for installation on a landfill cap are discussed. Regulatory and liability issues arising from building on a brownfield site are discussed.
Lead Paint Renovation, Repair & Painting Compliance, 3 PDH
a paint brush and 3 paint buckets, blue, yellow, and red
This course explains how compliance with EPA's Rule can be achieved through pre-renovation education, employee training, renovator certification, firm certification, and proper work practices. EPA compliance monitoring and enforcement are also discussed.