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Liquid Process Piping, Part 2: Metallic Piping Design, 2 PDH
Course No. M02-036
a large metallic pipe
This course presents the theory of corrosion and discusses its different types and corresponding effects on the metallic piping systems. It illustrates the different piping materials commonly used as well as the methods used to prevent and protect these materials from being corroded.
 Introduction to Fiber Optics, 3 PDH
 Course No. E03-015 
blue virtual fiber optics cables
This course introduces the basic concepts of fiber optics including the propagation of light, the ray and mode theories of light, and the phenomena refraction and reflection. It also discusses the construction of optical cables as well as the properties that cause optical loss and signal degradation.
Sustainable Streambank and Shoreline Protection, 6 PDH
Course No. C06-007  
a shoreline that is rocky
This course discusses traditional engineered structures as well as soil bioengineering approaches to protection. It also discusses the pros and cons of both approaches and contains recommendations about which approach is most suitable for achieving a given protection goal.
An Introduction to Site Design Guidelines, 2 PDH
Course No. A02-006
two squared buildings with windows on each side
This course introduces the guidelines for site planning of buildings and related infrastructure. It presents the guidelines for building location, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, grading, site drainage, erosion control, climaticalogical conditions, utilities, lighting and physical security.
Ball Bearing Fundamentals, 3 PDH
Course No. M03-021
three metallic bearings, one with a copper in-line, second with a metallic in-line, and third with a black in-line
This course presents the basics of ball bearings and their application. It explains how to derive bearing loads on three commonly used gear drives. It covers the three different kinds of ball bearings: radial, angular contact and double row, and how they are mounted, retained, lubricated and sealed.