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Dam Safety Inspections Report Guidelines (BLM), 2 PDH
Course No. G02-010
a damn in the winter
This course presents the basic guidelines of dam inspections according to the Bureau of Land Management. With the inventory of aging dams, inspections become more critical, and the useful life of many new dams may be extended by maintenance of deficiencies discovered by proper inspections.
An Introduction to Industrial Compressed Air Systems, 3 PDH
Course No. M03-034
industrial compressed air system made of plastic tubes
Compressed air is widely used throughout the industry and is often considered the "fourth utility" at many facilities. This course provides an overview of industrial compressed air systems. It describes the basic components of the system and characterizes its applications in different industries.
MUTCD: Roadway Traffic Control, 6 PDH
Course No. C06-012
freeway populated with traffic
This course shows how to effectively use the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for establishing roadway traffic control. The 2009 Edition is referenced to explain fundamental roadway traffic control. It is the recognized national standard for all traffic control devices installed on any road.
An Intro. to Recycling Construction & Demolition Waste, 4 PDH
Course No. B04-005
wood planks
Many alternatives are being practiced in the commercial market to reduce the amount of demolition debris that ends up in the landfill. This course provides an introduction to the fundamental factors to consider in making recycling decisions regarding construction and demolition waste.
An Introduction to Cathodic Protection Principles, 5 PDH
Course No. E05-006
3 red pillars in the ocean
This course will provide you with an introduction to the principles of cathodic protection for underground and underwater structures.  You will be introduced to the physics and chemistry of the corrosion process and how to mitigate the corrosion using cathodic protection techniques.
An Introduction to Condensers and Auxiliary Equipment, 3 PDH
Course No. D03-003
red auxiliary equipment in a plant
This course presents condensers and auxiliary equipment for steam power plants, including condensate storage and transfer, feedwater heaters, heater drain pumps, deaerators, boiler feed pumps, pressure reducing stations, compressed air systems, and auxiliary cooling water systems.
An Intro. to Makeup Water for Industrial Water Systems, 3 PDH
Course No. H03-006
4 water faucets
Makeup water is fresh water that is added to an industrial water system to replace water lost by blowdown, evaporation, wind drift, leaks, steam, humidification, or withdrawal from these systems. This course addresses the techniques for treating makeup water used in industrial water systems.