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Liquid Process Piping, Part 3: Misc. Piping Design, 2 PDH
Course No. M02-037
blue piping and associated valves
This course presents the types, specifications and applications of miscellaneous piping systems which include thermoplastics, rubber and elastomer, and thermosets. It also depicts the guidelines for piping supports needed, along with the effects of thermal expansion on these systems.
 Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility, 5 PDH
 Course No. C05-016 
two people on the street, one riding a bicycle
Pedestrian and bicyclist deaths accounts for 14% of U.S. highway fatalities. The FHWA's Office of Safety established pedestrian and bicyclist safety as one of its top priorities. This course presents the study and findings of European approaches to pedestrian and bicyclist safety and mobility,
Introduction to Diesel-Electric Generating Plants, 3 PDH
Course No. E03-016  
Diesel-Electric Generating plants in a facility
This course will introduce you to the equipment, facilities and operational requirements for diesel-electric generating plants to provide electric power at facilities where utility power is not available and to provide power to facilities in the event of utility power outages.
Introduction to Cooling Buildings by Natural Ventilation, 2 PDH
Course No. A02-007
building with open windows (natural ventilation)
This course provides guidance and criteria for the design of buildings to be totally or partially cooled by natural ventilation. This course also describes a variety of natural cooling techniques and the climatic conditions under which they may be considered.
Automotive Suspension Systems, 2 PDH
Course No. M02-038
a vehicle suspension shock
This course examines the design, function and capabilities of the most used and important vehicle suspensions in today’s automotive vehicles. It explains the three main components of suspensions systems: “links, springs, and shock absorbers” and follows with a dictionary of suspension terms.