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Dam Safety: An Owner's Guidance Manual, 8 PDH
Course No. G08-005
a water damn
This course will introduce you to the principles and practices of dam safety from a dam owner's perspective. This course stresses the importance to the dam owner of the development and active pursuit of a dam safety program by demonstrating the basic elements of dam safety.
Intro to Electrical Code, Drawings, Controls & Systems, 11 PDH
Course No. E11-001
computer chip
This course introduces the reader to the National Electric Code (NEC) as well as articles of the code that find common applications in electrical power distribution design. It also informs the reader about the regulatory weight of the code, and the fact that it's not just a voluntary standard.
Heat Recovery Ventilators, 2 PDH
Course No. M02-049
square ventilator in an attic
The importance of ventilation in today's more energy-efficient homes is universally recognized. This course discusses the need for mechanical ventilation in homes as well as explains the components of an HRV system, how to operate and maintain the system, and how to solve operating problems.
Environ. Impacts of Extracting Energy from the Ocean, 7 PDH
Course No. C07-010
In the search for sustainable energy sources, marine technologies have been attracting more attention, but not without many potential environmental concerns that have come along with them. This course describes these environmental concerns and identifies mitigation strategies.
An Introduction to Central Heating Plant Planning, 2 PDH
Course No. D02-002
a building made out of glass mostly
This course provides guidance on the planning of steam and high temperature water (HTW) central and individual heating plants. Engineering and economic considerations are identified to guide siting decisions, fuel selection, and the choice of high temperature water or steam distribution media.
Development of Grease Lubricated Ball Bearings, 2 PDH
Course No. M02-048
metallic ball bearing
This course presents a three-year program entailing high speed, grease lubricated ball bearings for aircraft accessory applications. It details the pitfalls and successes that led to developing the bearing package that met the final goal and recommends how to improve the design even further.
Introduction to Short Circuit Current Calculations, 8 PDH
Course No. E08-005
two wires creating energy
This course presents the subject of short-circuit studies in a very structured fashion. First, a simple equivalent circuit is developed for a generic power system, the system impedances are recalculated to a common base, and finally faults are calculated at various locations throughout the system.