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Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design, 8 PDH
Given the importance of gravel roads to the economy, especially in rural areas, engineers must understand the maintenance and design issues related to gravel roads. This course provides clear and practical information on the maintenance of gravel roads including basic design techniques.
 Photovoltaic Fundamentals, 6 PDH
a field with solar panels
The use of photovoltaic systems for converting sunlight into electricity has been expanding rapidly. This course provides basic information about the photovoltaic effect; discusses the different types of solar cells; and presents information on modules, arrays and systems of solar PV cells.
Heating and Cooling System Upgrades, 3 PDH
metal heating and cooling system
Heating and cooling systems, which condition the air within a building, are the largest single consumers of energy in buildings. This course identifies the opportunities for improving the performance of the heating and cooling system based on the type of system that is in place.
Basic Gear Fundamentals, 4 PDH
3 red gears
This course provides guidance on the design and function of gears. The four basic types of gears are discussed along with the methods and materials used to manufacture gears. A step-by-step procedure is used to design a spur gearset and its mountings using formulas from national organizations.
Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting, 3 PDH
house that is being renovated
This course provides an overview of the lead-safe work practices associated with the renovation of homes or child-occupied facilities built before 1978. It presents a practical seven-step approach that covers all phases of the renovation activities involving lead-based paint.
Introduction to Slope Stability and Protection, 6 PDH
mountains and a road
This course presents methods of analyzing stability of natural slopes and safety of embankments. Translational failure analysis and recommended safety factors are discussed. Earthquake loading and effects of soil parameters and groundwater on stability are presented.
Strike Terminations for Lightning Protection Systems, 3 PDH
lightning protection system
The Strike Termination Subsystem (STS) is intended to intercept lightning events in such a fashion that protects the structure and adjacent areas. This course discusses the implementation of the  STS which is one of the necessary five subsystems of lightning protection.