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Dear [fname] [lname] is pleased to announce the addition of its latest course category: Infrastructure Security, which deals with designing a resilient infrastructure to protect against terrosist attacks.
What is Infrastructure Security
Ever since the 9/11 incident, designers took on a modified approach in infrastructure design known as "Infrastructure Security". It is the art of mitigating or reducing the negative impacts of manmade hazards against urban settings. This is acccomplished by incorporating security-oriented design elements into the traditional design to avoid or minimize the effects of blasts as well as chemical, biological and radiological attacks on our infrastructure. The basic objective of infrastructure security is to improve building resilience, create secured environments and preserve the health and safety of our nation. 
Applicability to Your Profession
Infrastructure security  design is a growing trend within the fields of architecture, engineering, urban planning and design, industrial and commercial design, and residential and interior design. Engineering professionals, who are involved in developing or applying threat mitigation criteria, security planning measures and building hardening techniques to achieve a reasonable level of infrastructure resilience against manmade hazards, will benefit from these courses.
How can CED help You
We invite you to browse our recently  posted  Infrastructure Security courses to help you understand infrastructure design from a different perspective in order to meet the challenges of a changing world.