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Overview of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems, 4 PDH
Course No. E04-021
Fires can begin as smoldering fires that produce smoke and gases but don't generate enough heat to activate the sprinklers. Smoke alarms are needed to provide warning for these situations. This course provides an overview of the major components that make up a fire alarm system.
Earthquake Analysis: Response Spectrum Method, 1 PDH
Course No. S01-002
The course presents the response spectrum method of earthquake response analysis of simple structures and mechanical/electrical equipment. The method presented is widely used and is applicable to any structure or equipment that can be modeled as a single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) system.
Wet Floodproofing Requirements, 2 PDH
Course No. S02-014
Flood resistant materials are used to reduce damages resulting from prolonged contact of flood waters. All building materials that are below the base flood must be in compliance with the NFIP. This course provides design, selection and review guidance for wet floodproofed structures.
Best Practices for Road Weather Management, 7 PDH
Course No. C07-008
This course presents best management practices for attempting to decrease the number of crashes caused by bad weather and for reducing associated maintenance costs. Numerous case studies of systems that improve roadway operations under inclement weather conditions are described.
An Introduction to Boiler Control Systems, 3 PDH
Course No. E03-017
A heating plant may contain one or more boilers. This course provides an introduction to the design criteria for heating plant instrumentation including selection, application and design of pneumatic, analog and digital control devices for steam boiler systems.
Gas Pipeline Hydraulics, 6 PDH
Course No. P06-001
This course covers the steady state analysis of compressible fluid flow through pipelines. It covers natural gas pipeline transportation including how pipelines are sized for a particular flow rate, the pressure required to transport a given volume of gas and the compression horsepower required.
Resolving Project Stakeholder Differences, 4 PDH
Course No. K04-002
At some point in your professional career, you will have to act as a calm voice of reason between two or more stakeholders with differences that threaten the success of the project. This course will help you understand the risk involved in a “win-win” approach to resolving stakeholder differences.