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Heat Tracing Systems, 4 PDH
diagram of a heat tracing system
Heat tracing is accomplished by employing electric or steam tracing, and insulating both the process fluid pipe and the tracer using appropriate insulation materials and metal lagging. Heat tracing methods depend on various factors and this course outlines the pros and cons of both methods.
Introduction to Water Supply Systems, 8 PDH
blue valved water supply
This course presents considerations for the design and construction of facilities for ground and surface water supplies, including wells and intake structures. It discusses selecting water sources and determining water requirements for developing suitable sources of supply from ground or surface water sources.
Introduction to Geotechnical Issues in Pavement Design, 7 PDH
pavement with a picture of the design under neath
This course introduces geotechnical issues in pavement design, including identification of geotechnical parameters; impact of unsuitable subgrades; determination of geotechnical inputs; selection of appropriate remediation measures for unsuitable pavement subgrades, and more.
Overview of Odors, 2 PDH
a black pipe that releases odors
This course describes the nature of odorous compounds, how they are detected, their typical sources, and approaches and technologies typically used to control them. It presents the factors and information necessary to assess an odor situation and how to approach it.
Soil Bioengineering for Slope Stabilization, 4 PDH
a dirt slope with water at the end
This course discusses the attributes and limitations of various vegetative and structural components. It covers practical design considerations, commonly used construction techniques, and specific guidelines for the selection of appropriate materials, including plant species.
Ball Bearing Design and Applications, 5 PDH
a ruler and a ball bearing with a blue inline
This course introduces the basic principles of the rotational motion that occur in every day products such as washing machines, manufacturing machines, automobiles, industrial equipment, and airplanes. Without anti-friction bearings, these products would not be nearly as efficient as they are today.
Advanced Boolean Logic/Applications to Control Systems, 2 PDH
blue dots being connected together
This course builds upon basic concepts of Boolean logic and assumes some knowledge of Boolean operators. It presents advanced concepts such as synthesis of equations using truth tables, min terms, and Karnaugh maps; and writing equations in the Sum of Products Form.