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Solar Water Heating Development Assessment

COURSE NO: R04-005
Solar Water Heating Development Assessment
Course Highlights

This online engineering PDH course presents a detailed model of a solar water heating project. It illustrates the tilted irradiance calculation algorithm, the calculation of environmental variables such as sky temperature, and the collector model which are common to all applications. Energy delivered by hot water systems with storage is estimated with the f-Chart method. For systems without storage, the utilizability method is used. The same method is also used to estimate the amount of energy actively collected by pool systems; pool losses and passive solar gains are estimated through a separate algorithm.


Using the sun’s power to heat water is not a new idea. More than one hundred years ago, black painted water storage tanks were used as simple solar water heaters around the world. Solar water heating (SWH) technology has progressed during the past century. Today there are more than 30 million m2 of solar collectors operating around the world. Hundreds of thousands of modern solar water heaters are in service in various countries. In fact, in some countries the law actually requires that solar water heaters be operated with any new residential development.


This 3 PDH online course is suitable for engineers with a desire to understand the fundamentals of setting solar water heating project. The details presented cover issues related to technical and financial implementation and exploitation of solar water heating systems. Upon successful completion engineers will be able to address solar water heating terms, methods of operation and how to set up detailed technical and financial feasibility model.

Learning Objectives

This PE continuing education course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding basic theory and solar water heating technology background
  • Learning about Equipment components used in solar water heating installations
  • Learning about Solar water heating project modelling
  • Determining passive solar gains
  • Calculating energy balances for the various solar installations
Course Document

In this professional engineering CEU course, you need to review the course document titled, “Solar Water Heating Project Analysis” which is based on Clean Energy Project Analysis RETScreen® Engineering & Cases Textbook, Third Edition, © Minister of Natural Resources Canada 2001-2005, September 2005.

To view, print and study the course document, please click on the following link(s):
Solar Water Heating Development Assessment (586 KB)
Course Quiz

Once you complete your course review, you need to take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of twenty five (25) questions to earn 4 PDH credits. The quiz will be based on the entire course document.

The minimum passing score is 70%. There is no time limit on the quiz, and you can take it multiple times until you pass at no additional cost.
Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the quiz, print your Certificate of Completion instantly. (Note: if you are paying by check or money order, you may print your Certificate of Completion after we receive your payment.) For your convenience, we will also email you your Certificate of Completion. Also, you can log in to your account at any time to access and print your Certificate of Completion.

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