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CED Engineering invites you to browse through our library of Structural Engineering courses covering a variety of topics, including but not limited to, seismic structure analysis, earthquake building design, wood structures, conduits and culvert design, coastal construction, wet floodproofing and more, then select from any of our board accepted online PDH or CEU courses to satisfy your continuing education needs.

Structural Eng. Courses
Course No Course Title PDH Cost (USD)
S10-003  A Guide to Building Earth Homes NEW 10 240
S03-003  Adhesive Bonding of Wood Materials 3 72
S05-010  An Introduction to Structural Design Criteria for Buildings NEW 5 120
S04-007  Coastal Construction - Constructing the Building 4 96
S10-001  Coastal Construction - Designing the Building 10 240
S04-006  Coastal Construction - Determining Site-Specific Loads 4 96
S04-001  Conduits, Culverts and Pipes - Design and Installation 4 96
S03-007  Culvert Characteristics (BIRM) 3 72
S02-001  Design and Construction of Breakaway Walls 2 48
S02-016  Design of Commercial/Industrial Guardrail Systems for Fall Protection 2 48
S02-004   Determining Allowable Design Values for Wood 2 48
S01-002   Earthquake Analysis and Design of Simple Structures and Equipment: Response Spectrum Method 1 24
S04-014  Earthquake Design Considerations for Non-Residential Buildings 4 96
S01-003   Earthquake Design of Buildings and Structures: Beyond Design Codes 1 24
S07-001  Earthquake Resistant Residential Design and Construction, Part 1 7 168
S05-007  Earthquake Resistant Residential Design and Construction, Part 2 5 120
S04-003  Finite Element Structural Analysis on an Excel Spreadsheet 4 96
S05-009  Installing Seismic Restraints for Electrical Equipment 5 120
S05-008  Installing Seismic Restraints for Mechanical Equipment 5 120
S02-002  Lumber Stress Grades and Design Properties 2 48
S04-004  Mechanical Properties of Wood 4 96
S03-015  Openings in Foundation Walls and Walls of Enclosures 3 72
S02-013  Performance-Based Earthquake Design of Buildings and Structures 2 48
S04-002  Planning and Design of Hydroelectric Power Plants 4 96
S03-004  Residential Deck Construction 3 72
S08-001  Roller Compacted Concrete 8 192
S06-001  Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry 6 144
S04-013  Structural Design Criteria for Raised Floor Systems 4 96
S03-001  Structural Design of Concrete Lined Flood Control Channels 3 72
S02-015  Substantially Damaged Buildings 2 48
S04-005  Use of Wood in Buildings and Bridges 4 96
S02-014  Wet Floodproofing Requirements 2 48
S02-011  Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays 2 48
S02-003  Wood Fastenings 2 48
S03-002  Wood Structure and its Physical Properties 3 72